Water Technology

NIVA is the water technology brand of NOLTA.
NIVA level controllers are the ideal solution for
your applications through…

High material resistance

  • Due to special materials, even the standard versions meet the requirements of 90% of all applications.

Internal weight

  • Cost efficient since no additional cable weight is necessary. The level controller remains in place on its own weight.

Special application variants

  • Solutions for special applications such as EX zones, high temperatures, solvents, and potable water.

Easy installation

  • The same type of controller can be wired to work in filling or emptying applications.

Form follows function

  • High reliability even in small diameters. The drop shaped design keeps solid matter from getting stuck on the edges, ensuring proper function of the controller.

Reliable functionality

  • Very long lasting almost maintenance-free functionality due to robust materials and a special cast resin encapsulation technique.