Level Controller MS1 UL

The NIVA level controller MS 1 UL
is designed for use in North America,
e.g. in:

  • Treatment Plants
  • Pump Stations
  • Lift Stations

The NIVA level controller MS 1 UL is engineered especially for use in sewage works and in pumping stations, where liquids are heavily charged with solid matter such as raw sewage etc.

Thanks to the good chemical and thermal properties our level controllers are resistant to lees, uric acid, fecal sewage water, oils, petrol, diesel oil, emulsions, alcohol, fruit acids, and even many chemicals. For use at temperatures up to 60 °C (140 °F).


Available Versions



Length (ft)


SPDTSJOW 3/18 AWG1542 000115
SPDTSJOW 3/18 AWG3042 000130
SPDTSJOW 3/18 AWG6542 000165
SPDTSJOW 3/18 AWG9842 000198
Other cable types and lengths are available upon request


For use in North America.

Electronic Connection

Connection of
level controllers


For emptying a tankinsulateXX
For filling a tankXinsulateX
Alarm high levelinsulateXX
Alarm low levelXinsulateX
Technical data subject to change

Technical Data

Specific weight:0,95 - 1,05 or according to specification
Max. temperature:60°C
Breaking capacity:5A / 125V*
Switch point:10°
Protective system:IP 68 / 30 psi (2 bar)
Equipment group:||
Cable cross section:3/18 AWG
Height / diameter:7.0 / 3.9 in (180 / 100 mm)
Housing quality:PP UL94 V0
Housing colour:Black
Cable quality:SJOW
Cable colour:Black
Certificates:Intertek cETLus 4004472
* Micro-switch with gold-plated contacts especially for low currents in electronic circuits