Technical explanations to Motorstarters

Explanations to individual electronics:

Restart inhibit

In case of an interruption of the thermal switch in the engine coil the contactor will switch off. The electronic will only restart after a manual reset.

Leak monitoring

Should humidity ingress into the engine compartment, the electronic monitoring device will switch off the contactor. The electronic will only restart after a manual reset.

24 V electronics

Here the control circuit is operated with 24 V. These devices can be operated without a neutral conductor.

Phase failure /Phase sequence indicator

This electronic will prohibit a motor start in case of wrong phase sequence or phase failure. This prevents the motor from running in the wrong direction or a fast overcharge.

Thermo-Contact with undervoltage coil

This electronic monitors the voltage between a phase and the neutral wire. After a power outage the motor is shut down completely and has to be restarted manually.

Thermo-Contact with shunt trip

In this case only the thermal sensor of the motor is monitored. After a power outage the motor or pump  will restart automatically. This installation does not require a neutral line.

Technical data subject to change