Cable support bracket Ord.-No. 40 02

The stainless steel support bracket is mounted on the wall. With the included M16 cable glands, one or two level controllers can be suspended freely at exactly the required height. Comes with screws and anchors (M 6).

Cable weight Ord.-No. 41 03

The NIVA cable weight 41 03 weighs approximately 700 g (1.5 lb) and can be used on all level controllers. The weight can be retrofitted on already installed controllers.

Cable weight Ord.-No. 40 00, 40 01

The NIVA cable weight 40 00 weighs approximately 300 g (0.7 lb) and can be used with NIVA level controller M 2. Cable weight 40 01 weighs approximately 700 g (1.5 lb) and can be used with NIVA level controllers MS 1, N1 and KR1. Both weights must be fixed to the cable before installing the level controllers.

Intrinsic safety barrier relay Ord.-No. 06 3232

This 1-channel intrinsic safety barrier relay is an important safety measure for intrinsically safe electric circuits. To ensure the safe disconnection of all intrinsically safe circuits in ATEX zones 0 and 1, a safety barrier relay is strictly required when installing EX-certified level controllers (EN 60079-11,14, 25 und EN 61241-11). One relay is required for each switching point (number of controllers in ATEX zone). Dual-channel barrier relays are available upon request.