Level Controller KR1 EX

Now available: With IECEx certificate for international use. Even outside of Europe.

The NIVA level controller KR1 EX is the ideal solution to control liquids in potentially explosive atmospheres classified zones 1 or 2 for example in:

  • Gas stations
  • Sewage works
  • Fermentation plants

The NIVA Level Controller KR1 Ex was designed especially for use in intrinsically safe electrical circuits in potentially explosive atmospheres according to ATEX 95. In accordance with license SEV 06 ATEX 0137 the Level Controller KR1 EX may be used in zones 0, 1 and 2 as well as in gas groups IIA, II B and IIC, where there exists an explosion hazard due to combustible materials in temperature classes T1 to T6. (80°C/176°F)
The controller is equipped with a change-over contact (SPDT), meaning that depending on the electrical connection, the level controller can be used both to empty and fill a tank. Unlike level controller MS1 EX, type KR1 EX is a wide angle controller, which means that only one controller is required for switching on and off.




Available Versions



Length (m)

Order No.

WTPK/PVC 4G0,75540 000405
WTPK/PVC 4G0,751040 000410
WTPK/PVC 4G0,752040 000420
WTPK/PVC 4G0,753040 000430
W= Changeover (SPDT)
Other cable types and lengths are available upon request


For use in intrinsically safe electric circuits in EX zones 0, 1 and 2.

Electronic Connection

Connection of
Level Controllers


For emptying a tankinsulateXXX
For filling a tankXinsulateXX
Alarm high levelinsulateXXX
Alarm low levelXinsulateXX
Technical data subject to change
Potential equalization wire to prevent electrostatic charging

Technical Data

Specific Weight:0,95 - 1,05
Max. temperature:80 ° C
Breaking capacity*1 - 100 mA / 4 - 40 V
Switch point:45 °
Capacitance Ci:0
Inductance Li:0
Protective system:IP 68 / 2 bar
EX TypeII 2G EEx ia/ib IIC T6
Cable cross section:4G0,75
Height / diameter:40 / 100 mm
Housing quality:PRE-ELEC PP**
Housing Colour:black
Cable quality:TPK / PVC
Cable colour:blue
* Micro-switch with gold-plated contacts especially for low currents in electronic circuits
** Specially deflective plastic to prevent electrostatic charging when used in Ex-area (in accordance with ATEX 95).