Level Controller M 3

The NIVA level controller M3 is the ideal solution to control liquid levels with limited switching space, e.g. in:

  • Barrels 
  • Silos
  • Drums

The Niva M3 level controller was developed especially for use with barrel pumps. With a max. diameter of only 44mm it can operate in barrels with a 2“ inlet.

This way simple solutions, such as barrel and drum emptying, may be realized. The TPK/PVC cable is resistant to a multitude of liquids and ensures a maintenance free operation.


Available Versions



Length (m)


WTPK/ PVC 3 x 0,5540 001305
WTPK/ PVC 3 x 0,51040 001310
WTPK/ PVC 3 x 0,52040 001320
WTPK/ PVC 3 x 0,53040 001330
Other cable types and lengths are available upon request


For emptying or fillng of barrels and kegs.

Optionally with cable weight (Ø 60mm) for stabilization and fixation of switching point.

Electronic Connection

Connection of
level controllers


For emptying a tankinsulateXX
For filling a tankXinsulateX
Alarm high levelinsulateXX
Alarm low levelXinsulateX
Technical data subject to change

Technical Data

Specific weight:0,95 - 1,05 or according to specification
Max. temperature:80°C
Breaking capacity:1 - 100 mA / 5V - 3A / 250V *
Switch point:10°
Protective system:IP 68 / 2 bar
Equipment group:||
Cable cross section:3 x 0,5 mm²
Height / diameter:120 / 44 mm
Housing quality:Polypropylen (PP)
Housing colour:Orange
Cable quality:TPK / PVC
Cable colour:Orange
* Micro-switch with gold-plated contacts especially for low currents in electronic circuits