Level Controller MS1 ACS

The NIVA level controller MS 1 ACS is the ideal solution to control liquids with high hygienic requirements. For example in:

  • Wells
  • Bottling plants
  • Potable water reservoirs

The NIVA MS1 ACS was designed especially for use in potable water and food applications. With the ACS – drinking water certificate this robust and long lasting
switch qualifies for trouble free applications and a secure investment in your systems. Currently this type is only accredited for use in France.


Available Versions



Length (m)

Order No.

WTML-B 3 x 0,75540 000805
WTML-B 3 x 0,751040 000810
WTML-B 3 x 0,752040 000820
W =Changeover (SPDT)Other cable types and lengths are available upon request


Especially for use in potable water and food applications.
Drinking water certificate for France. Other countries' accreditations depend on the results of the
--> 4MS Initiative <--.

Electronic Connection

Connection of
Level Controllers


For emptying a tank insulateXX
For filling a tankX insulateX
Alarm high level insulateXX
Alarm low level X insulateX
Technical data subject to change

Technical Data

Specific weight:0,95 - 1,05 or according to specification
Max. temperature:70°C
Breaking capacity:*1 mA / 4V - 5A / 250V
Switch point:10°
Protective system:IP 68 / 2 bar
Protection class:||
Cable cross section:3 x 0,75 mm²
Height / diameter:180 / 100 mm
Cable Length:5 / 10 / 20 m
Housing quality:SABIC PP 56M10 00900
Housing Colour:blue
Cable quality:TML-B
Cable colour:blue
* Micro-switch with gold-plated contacts especially for low currents in electronic circuits