Level Controller N 1

The NIVA level controller N1 is the ideal solution to control the level of most diverse liquids, for example in:

  • Construction site dewatering
  • Industrial filling plants
  • Pit draining

The NIVA level controller N 1 can be used everywhere where liquid levels must be supervised. The NIVA N1 is simple to install and maintenance-free. Thus fast economical and reliable solutions for your application can be realized. Different to the MS Control switches, the N 1 is a pump switch which can be used for direct control of pumps. The NIVA level controller N 1 can be supplied also in combination with the contactor combination, the NOLTA motorstarter or the NOLTA capacitor plug.


Available Versions



Length (m)

Order No.

Normally openH 07 RN-F 3G1mm²541 000905
Normally closedH 07 RN-F 3G1mm²541 001005
Normally openH 07 RN-F 3G1mm²1041 000910
Normally closedH 07 RN-F 3G1mm²1041 001010
Normally openH 07 RN-F 3G1mm²2041 000920
Normally closedH 07 RN-F 3G1mm²2041 001020
Other cable types and lengths are available upon request


For direct pump control in large diameter water basins and de-watering applications, for example in domestic waste water, surface water, dewatering, ground water.

Technical Data

Max. temperature:60 ° C
Breaking capacity:10 (8) A / 250 V to 10 (4) A / 400 V
Switch point:45 °
Protective system:IP 68 / 2 bar
Protection class:II
Cable cross section:3G1mm²
Length /Width / Height:132 / 81 / 43 mm
Housing quality:Polypropylene (PP)
Housing colour:Orange (n/o)
White (n/c)
Cable quality:H07RN-F
Cable colour:black
Certificates:TUV Rheinland, CE