Level Sensor IL-10

The Level Sensor IL-10
is designed for seemless level control
e.g. in:

  • Wastewater treatment and biogas production
  • Oil and fuel storage tanks
  • Brackish water and fuel tanks in shipbuilding

The intrinsically safe submersible pressure transmitter model IL-10 has been designed for the highest requirements of level measurement. Owing to their high accuracy, reliability and their excellent media resistance, it is the ideal solution for almost all level measurements in hazardous areas.

Especially noteworthy are the outstanding approval-related characteristics (CENELEC approval per ATEX). In addition, the IL-10 has the North-American approvals FM (USA) and CSA (Canada)


Available Versions





IL-10 PUR/10m 0..0,1bar (1mWs) 24 0110
IL-10 PUR/10m 0..0,2bar (2mWs) 24 0210
IL-10 PUR/10m 0..0,25bar (2,5mWs) 24 02510
IL-10 PUR/10m 0..0,5bar (5mWs) 24 0510
IL-10 PUR/20m 0..0,1bar (1mWs) 24 0120
IL-10 PUR/20m 0..0,2bar (2mWs) 24 0220
IL-10 PUR/20m 0..0,5bar (5mWs) 24 0520


For continuous level mesurements. The electrical output signal is fed to the pump control for reliable refilling and dry run protection.

Technical Data

Fluid Levels
0...0,5 bar
Measuring range 4…20mA, 2-wire
Medium Wastewater, Oil, Gasoline
Medium temperature 0... + 50 °C
Protective class IP 68, immersion depths of 300m
Housing Stainless Steel 316L
Protective tube PUR
Accuracy +/- 0,25%
Approvals CENELEC per ATEX, FM, cCSAus, GL, GOST-R, CRN