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NOLTA connector
saves lives

The daily cleaning of the pools is only a small part of the effort to keep the magnificent and sometimes rare sea creatures alive.

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Located in Cölbe in Upper Hesse, NOLTA GmbH is one of the hidden champions of German medium-sized companies. The products of the world market leader are inconspicuous and yet, the construction, pump and manufacturing sectors would be inconceivable without them. “At the end of the day, you only sell accessories”; said one critical customer. You can see it like this. But if a device doesn't work at the right moment, it's not an accessory, it's a problem. The products from NOLTA therefore primarily provide security. Security based on decades of experience and the highest quality standards.


Make your devices fit for the future

With NOLTAnet, your devices become IoT-capable in no time. What does that mean?
All devices equipped with a NOLTAnet motor protection plug can be remotely monitored for:

Switching cycles
Operating hours
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