NOLTA motor starters offer optimum motor protection through:

      Thermal over-stressing protection

      No over-stressing of engine and cables

      Magnetic high-speed circuit breaker

      Quick and save disconnection in case of short circuit

      Integration in plug

      Saves costs since no extra space is required
      Higher flexibility

      Rotary field check and phase inverter

      Protection from incorrect engine torque direction

      Automatic or manual control

      Connections for floats or control conduit
      Automatic restart

      High resistance to short-circuits
      (only at thermal-electromagnetic release)

      No back-up fuse necessary

      NOLTA – motor protection starters for one and three phase electrical motors – cost efficient due to high flexibility in application and configuration.

      • Thermo-magnetic motor protection
      • On/off switch
      • Robust polycarbonate housing
      • Combination with IEC or CEE plug con