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Click not clack

When it comes to float switches, it‘s worth taking a closer look. And listen carefully. Because the quality of these products is particularly evident in detail. So it is no coincidence that the „colorful buoys“ from NOLTA are located today in uncounted wastewater pumping stations, wells, chemical plants or refineries.

Water – the special element

Water consists of two gases, and yet it is liquid at room temperature. It loses its density as a solid and, through its anomalies, is a unique element on our planet. Water is the source of life. Only with the help of the capillary effect are plants able to transport water from the roots to the tips of the leaves. And it is precisely this capillary effect that can lead to significant problems in float switches.
In a study commissioned by NOLTA, the Philipps-University Marburg has investigated cable types from various manufacturers under the electron microscope.
The result: Although all the cables were externally identical, the 3000x magnifications showed significant differences. For example, a good cable sheath had significantly fewer open pores than a lower quality product. Of course, the differences are not visible to the naked eye. But for the tiny water molecules, these pores are the gateway to the interior of the cable. Whether this process happens fast or very slow depends on the size of the inner surface of the material.

Two is better than one

Together with Philipps University, NOLTA has identified the most suitable cable types. They are used in all NOLTA float switches. To ensure the tightness of the switches even with microscopically small cracks in the jacket, all level controllers of the MS series are additionally cast with a special technique. That means for all NOLTA products: They keep tight.

Audible difference

As a level control specialist, NOLTA knows what is important. This means that the switch in all NOLTA level controllers is triggered by its own small weight specially adapted for this application. If you tilt a product of the MS1 series, this can be heard by a gentle „click“. In conventional float switches, the release mechanism is mixed with the integrated weight. If one tilts such a product, a massive „clack“ can be heard.
It goes without saying that the life expectancy of the components increases when the wear and tear over the years of use is as low as possible. Experience shows: NOLTA float switches and level regulators usually last longer than the pump itself.