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„Hand me the NOLTA plug“
How an idea conquered the world



NIVA is the water technology brand of NOLTA. NIVA level controllers are the ideal solution for your applications through…


High material resistance
  • Due to special materials, even the standard versions meet the requirements of 90% of all applications.
Internal weight
  • Cost efficient since no additional cable weight is necessary. The level controller remains in place on its own weight.
Special application variants
  • Solutions for special applications such as EX zones, high temperatures, solvents, and potable water.
Easy installation
  • The same type of controller can be wired to work in filling or emptying applications.
Form follows function
  • High reliability even in small diameters. The drop shaped design keeps solid matter from getting stuck on the edges, ensuring proper function of the controller.
Reliable functionality
  • Very long lasting almost maintenance-free functionality due to robust materials and a special cast resin encapsulation technique.

Recommended area of ​​application by industry

Branche MS1 MS1 EX MS1 EX Teflon MS1 C MS1 H MS1 S MS1 UL MS1 ACS N1 N1 pro KR1 EX M2 M3
Waste water disposal
Water supply
Water recycling/Reservoirs
General Industry
Chemical Industry
Regenerative Energy
Mining/Oil Industry

Resistance List

Branche MS1 MS1 EX MS1 EX C MS1 C MS1 H MS1 S MS1 UL MS1 ACS N1 N1 pro KR1 EX M2 M3
Ground water
Portable water  
Waste water with suds
Waste water with suds
Mineral water
Chloride water
Salt water
Vegetable oils (²only emulsions) •² •² •²  
Fruit acid              
Emulsions with oils and fats
Ethyl alcohol                      
Crude oil/fuel oil                  
Brake fluid                  
Fatty acid                  
Sulfuric acid solutions       MS1 CL                  
Solvent containing fluids                      
Hydroxypropionic acid, diluted                      
Max. ambient temperature 80°C 80°C 100°C 100°C 90°C 100°C 60°C 70°C 60°C 80°C 80°C 80°C 80°C